Why Alpaca?

Advantages over Wool

• Stronger (per same fineness)

• Hollow fiber, warmer for equal weight

• Softer, less itchy and irritating to the skin

• Naturally hypoallergenic - Alpaca is free from dander and lanolin which causes allergic   
      skin reactions in some people.

• Alpaca will stay cleaner longer because it is lanolin-free and does not hold dust.

• Superfine fiber won't mat.

• Thermostatically superior (50 degree comfort range vs. 30 degrees for wool)


Advantages over Synthetics

• Superior breathability

• Wicks away body moisture which is critical in keeping your feet warm with alpaca socks

• Hollow fiber, warmer for weight

• Keeps you warm even when wet

• Flame resistant does not melt

• Naturally windproof

• Stain resistant

 • Resists acquired odors (odors dissipate overnight)

Why alpaca socks?

Alpaca socks breathe, they naturally wick away moisture so your feet stay dry and warm as your body temperature fluctuates from one environmental condition to the next. You will stay warmer in cold weather and cooler in warm weather.

Alpaca is softer and far less irritating than wool, but still 100% natural, sustainable and hypoallergenic. Rough wool can be painful to irritated or diabetic feet. Some people are allergic to wool. Cotton absorbs moisture and holds it next to the foot. Soft and subtle alpaca has no lanolin, is lightweight and supports your feet with happiness.

Perfect for just about every situation, alpaca will keep your feet healthy (no pesky damp to spawn bacteria) in loafers, boots, at the office, or in fishing waders out in the elements.

Alpaca socks will stay fresher longer because each hair is smooth, unlike other fiber which holds stain, odor and soil. Alpaca will cut down on odor, protect your feet from blisters and bacteria and launder in your washing machine.